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NYBEP Work Experience Service: Privacy Notice
NYBEP Ltd works with schools and colleges to help provide work experience placements for their learners. We store information about learners taking part in work experience and the employers that offer work placement opportunities. Some of this may be personal information.

What personal information do we collect?
We collect the following personal information about learners when they apply to take part in work experience: name, date of birth, address, email. Where relevant we may collect the following sensitive personal information about learners: gender, health, social and emotional needs, offences and convictions. We ask for this information to ensure learner safety, and the safety of others, whilst on placement.

We collect the following personal information about employers when they offer a work placement: name, telephone numbers, email.

Why do we collect personal information?
Personal information allows us to provide safe work placements that are suited to learner needs. Without this information we will not be able to provide a work placement.

How we collect your information?
We collect learner information directly from the Work Experience Application Form, Work Experience Agreement Form and from school-based work experience co-ordinators; via email, telephone, or uploaded to the online work experience database.

Employer information is supplied directly by the employer contact, by the learner, or school-based work experience co-ordinator; via email, paper forms, telephone, or uploaded to the online work experience database.

Who can access your information?
Members of NYBEP work experience team and school-based co-ordinators have restricted, password protected, login access to the work experience online database.

Who will we share the information with?
Personal information will be shared with NYBEP's contracted health and safety officers and the employer providing work placement. Information is shared via a restricted access, password protected online Health & Safety Application (H&S Officers only), by telephone, paper form, or password protected email.

Where will my information be stored?
Personal data will be stored on NYBEP's UK-based online Work Experience Data Management System (supplier: Nicholas Associates). Access to the database is restricted to key individuals and is password protected. Paper forms are stored in locked cupboards in NYBEP's restricted access office.

How long will my information be stored for?
Placement information will be stored for 10 years.

Access to your information and correcting mistakes
You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you. You may ask us to correct or remove information. Requests for access will be dealt with within 5 working days.

How to contact us
You can contact us via email

NYBEP, Aug 2019